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Q: Who is the WWE champion 2010?
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Who is the WWE champion now after summerslam 2010?

If you mean who was the wwe champion at the end of summerslam 2010 then Sheamus.

Who is the WWE champion in smackdown vs raw 2010?

When you first start, Randy Orton is the WWE Champion.

Who will be wwe champion after night of champions 2010?

night of champions is over and randy orton is the wwe champion

Who was the champion for WWE 2010?

John cena

Who is the WWE champion in WWE right now in 2010 after summerslam?

Sheamus is still the wwe champion after disqualification against randy orton after summerslam .

Is the miz the new WWE champion 2010?


Who is the WWE World Heavyweight Champion?

As of November 2010,Kane

Who is all the champions in the WWE?

The current champions in WWE are:The current WWE Champion is John Cena. He won the belt March 28, 2010.The current WWE United Stated Champion is The Miz. He won the belt October 5, 2009.The current WWE Divas Champion is Eve. She won the belt April 12, 2010.The current World Heavyweight Champion is Jack Swagger. He won the belt March 30, 2010.The current WWE Intercontinental Champion is Drew McIntyre. He won the belt December 13, 2009.The current WWE Women's Champion is Layla. She won the belt May 11, 2010.

Why Kane is not champ?

As of October 2010,he is WWE World Heavyweight Champion.

Who will be new WWE champion at royal rumble 2010?

Sheamus won.

In WWE who is the WWE champion?

ryback aka skip Sheffield is the wwe champion

What is it called when a WWE superstar is the WWE champion and the world heavyweight champion at the same time?

he is the undisputed WWE champion

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