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It is J K Simmons who used to be on The Closer.

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Q: Who is professor on Farmers Insurance commercials?
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Who is the actor in the Farmers Insurance commercials?

The actor in the Farmers Insurance commercials is a man named J. K. Simmons.

Who is the blond woman in the farmers insurance commercials?

jennifer baxter

Who are the students in the farmers insurance commercials?

I think they are supposed to be people training to be Farmers insurance claim workers. Possibly during a field test.

Is actor Chris Marrs in the Farmers Insurance commercials?

Yes, it is Chris Marrs

Who is the actor in the farmers insurance commercial?

J. K. Simmons has been starring in the Farmers commercials as Professor Nathaniel Burke of the University of Farmers since 2010, but he's mostly known for his roles in Law & Order, Oz, The Closer, as well as the Spider-Man trilogy.

What if Mary Tyler Moore appears in Farmers Insurance Group commercials?

Her fans will love it!

Who is the actress Roseanna Olson in the farmers insurance commercial and is she also in a Propel commercial?

The actress who plays Roseanna in the Farmers insurance commercials name is not listed on the site. At this point in time her name is still unknown.

What are some of the farmers insurance agents?

Some of the farmers insurance agents are Farmers Insurance Agents, Farmers Insurance Group, BEA Farmers Insurance, Yelp Farmers Insurance or Farmers Insurance Agent San Francisco.

What is the actor's name who plays the distracted driver on farmers insurance commercials?

Thomas Fowler is the actor. See short bio at

Who is the black male actor in Farmers Insurance commercials?

His first name is Miles and I remember him from the neighborhood (Queens, NY) but I forget his last name!

Who are actors in safeco insurance commercials?

Safeco Insurance does not offer a list of credits for their commercials. They also have quite a few commercials out, at this time the name of the actors is unknown.

Where could one find insurance commercials online?

Surprisingly there are a variety of websites that offer insurance commercials online. One can view these commercials on sites such as Business Insurance, Allstate, Liberty Mutual and Progressive.

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