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Q: Who is the actors in the intact insurance commercials?
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Who owns intact insurance?

Intact Insurance

Where could one find insurance commercials online?

Surprisingly there are a variety of websites that offer insurance commercials online. One can view these commercials on sites such as Business Insurance, Allstate, Liberty Mutual and Progressive.

Who is the big busty girl on the general insurance commercials?

Stacy minarsis the girl who appears in the General Insurance commercials. She has been in several of their commercials, including some of the latest ones.

Who is the guy that wrecks the motorcycle on the insurance commercial?

Probably "Mayhem", from Allstate's new line of commercials. The actors name is Dean Winters.

What auto insurance company has the caveman commercials?

GEICO auto insurance was the company that used the Cavemen in their commercials. Their slogan was, "So easy, a caveman could do it". They began airing these commercials in 2004.

What commercials is Erica Piccininni in?

nationwide insurance

Where can one go online to watch popular car insurance commercials?

There are a wide variety of car insurance commercials that have gained attention due to their humor. Such commercials can be found on the popular video hosting site YouTube.

Who are the two insurance guys in the Progressive Insurance commercials?

One is actor Brad McDonald

Who is the actor in standard insurance commercials?

Dennis Haysbert

Is that Gary Burghoff in the Progressive Insurance commercials?

yess it is

Who is brad in progressive insurance commercials?

Scott Beehner

Who is the blonde actress in the general insurance commercials?

Carmen Palumbo is the blonde actress who plays in the general insurance commercials. Carmen Palumbo does a little of acting, modeling and hosting.