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His first name is Miles and I remember him from the neighborhood (Queens, NY) but I forget his last name!

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โˆ™ 2012-02-29 22:14:25
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Q: Who is the black male actor in Farmers Insurance commercials?
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Who is the black actor in the Progressive insurance commercials that wants to juggle chainsaws?

Reggie currelley

Why are Chase commercials black and white?

Because the lead actor in all the commercials is losing his hair.

Who is the black actor that is the voice for the NyQuil commercials?

Kordell Stewart

Who is the Black actor in the Aspen Dental Commercials?

Charles Robinson

Does state farm and Toyota commercials have same black man actor?


Who is the black actor in the Allstate insurance commercial?

The actor is Dennis Haysbert

Who is the black guy in the farmers insurance commercials?

If you are referring to the actor pictured above, his name is J.K. Simmons, but as you can clearly see he is not Black. He won a Best Supporting Actor Academy Award for his 2014 role in Whiplash, starring Miles Teller. He also has appeared as J. Jonah Jameson in the Spider-Man franchise starring Tobey Maguire. Simmons also appeared in The LadyKillers (2004) with Tom Hanks, and is a well recognized supporting actor. Now, on the other hand, there is a Black actor that appears in insurance ads on tv, but they are for Allstate Insurance commercials, not Farmers. That black actor's name is Dennis Haysbert. He has appeared in the Allstate insurance commercials since 2003. He is a native of San Mateo, California. Haysbert is also a certfied deep sea diver since 2004 when he appeared in Discovery Channel's "Secrets of Pearl Harbor." His film roles include: Wreck It Ralph (voice), Think Like A Man, 24 (TV show), Absolute Power (Clint Eastwood), Major League, Major League II, Navy Seals (all three starring Charlie Sheen), numerous other tv roles, and he will voice a character in the sequel Ted 2 (which is schedueld for release later this year).

What is the name of the black actor who does not get the invite to the taco party in the AT and T commercials?

Daniel Smith

Who is the black actor who wears glasses and is in a lot of commercials?

This guy is in so many commercials. The latest one I've seen is state farm

Who is the famous black actor with deep voice who often appears narrating commercials etc?

barry white?

Who is the actor in the Expedia commercials?

There are two that are currently airing. One has Michael Ian Black and one has Tim Gunn of "Project Runway" fame.

Who is the black actress in Progressive Insurance commercials with the husband who loves the remote?

Her name is Sonya Maddox-Upchurch. She is also featured in commercials for the Rembrandt 2-Hour Whitening Kit and Viactive Flavor Glides.

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