Who is goldy locks?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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a blonde girl from a book called goldy locks and the three bears. she goes into the 3 bears house tries the poradge eats all of the little bears poradge. She goes to try the chairs papas chair is to big,mamas is to soft,little bears chair was just right she sat down and the chair broke. She got tired so she went up stairs to find beds. she tried papa bears bed "to hard" she tried mama bears bed she sunk into the bed,she tried baby bars and it was just right eventually she fell asleep............. bears came home noticed the eaten poridge,noticed the broken and sat in chairs went upstairs saw that the beds had been sleeped in little bear saw that there was a girl in his bed she woke up saw the bears jumped up jumped out the window and ran like the wind.

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Q: Who is goldy locks?
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