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can a landlord change the locks on a commercial building without notice

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Q: Can a landlord change locks of commercial business owner without notice in Texas?
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Related questions

Can landlord change locks on commercial building in Florida?

If the space is being leased and the tenant is current they really have no business doing so. They have the right to, but as long as they give the tenant a copy of the key they can do what they want. It is their property.

Can landlord change locks on back money owed without notice?

Not in any state I know of.

Is a residential tenant required to provide a key to landlord?

If the landlord provided a key to the tenant, then the tenant must provide a key to the landlord. In fact, under most state laws the tenant may not change a lock without the landlord's permission and a duplicate key provided to the landlord.

Can a Texas commercial landlord lock out a business tenant for late fees?

doesn't matter.. even if you get locked out.. in Texas you can just change the locks back again. Its a civil matter, not criminal... but be prepared to move out in 30 days.. eviction will be the next recourse.

Is it illegal to change the locks of a rental property without notifying the tenant?

I can only answer for Massachusetts, but I think you can. The landlord has a right of entry, but he should get the permission of tenant, and the tenant has a right to be there at the time. If the landlord needs to get in during an emergency, perhaps he should be calling the police.

Becoming Familiar with Commercial Leases?

Before leasing commercial property, become acquainted with the terms of the lease. Leasing commercial property for a business is different than leasing residential property. Get clear understanding of the amount of the rent, whether it is to be paid weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. The length of the lease is another important factor. You can not change or break a commercial lease. It is legally binding. Commercial leases are not a standard form lease but each is customized based on what type of business the landlord desires or is willing to lease the space out for. Examine commercial leases before signing, and make sure you understand the agreement that you are entering into.

In a commercial lease if the tenant changes locks does the tenant give a key to the landlord?

Yes. The building belongs to the landlord and needs the key in case of an emergency, or if a tenant abandons the property. Also, you should probably check with the landlord prior to changing locks. There might be a clause in the lease stating that only the landlord can change a lock, not the tenant.

Can a landlord change locks for abandonment even if the tenant hasn't moved out of rental?

No, a landlord cannot change the locks for abandonment if the tenant has not moved out of the rental property. Changing locks without proper legal process could be considered an illegal eviction and may expose the landlord to legal consequences.

Can the tenant change the locks on a rental property for security and privacy from a snooping landlord?

Most laws state that you cannot change a lock without the landlord's permisson, and he will generally require a copy of the key, in this case, defeating the whole purpose. If you catch your landlord in your house without permission he is guilty of burglary just as anyone else would even if he had a key but not your permission to enter the unit or property.

How do you write a proposal letter to your landlord to change the carpet?

With words and in a language that you and your landlord both understand

If your tenant is in default of the lease does the landlord have to right to change the locks?

Matters such a locks are usually covered in a written lease. If it's not covered or if there is no written lease you probably can. BUT, you must give the landlord a key. The landlord has the right to enter in an emergency and upon reasonable notice to the tenant to inspect the premises. Keep in mind that landlord / tenant relationships without a written lease are generally governed by state law, so the conclusion may differ from state to state. When I was a landlord, there was an option to change the keys for a tenant. I had it done at my cost and held a key. Most locksmiths will not change the keys if you do not own the home. In many commercial leases the tenant is EXPECTED to change the locks and the landlord may not want to even have a key. For example, when renting a self-storage unit, the tenant would typically add his or her own lock to the unit. Upon default or emergency, the landlord would simply break the lock to gain entry, then put on a new lock.

Can a landlord charge you pet rent after he has seen your pet over 4 years ago?

I don't know the laws for other states, but in Ohio the Landlord can't change any terms of the lease without 30 days notice before the lease is ending.