Who is flarp and malark?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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flarp and malark are awesome! :)

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Q: Who is flarp and malark?
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Who are Malark and Flarp?

Flarp and Malark is this new band, but most people know them because Malark is dating Nick Jonas. I love their music, they are really good.

Who is malark?

She is Malark from Flarp and Malark. Everyone was saying that she was dating Nick Jonas. Anyway, Flarp and Malark have a myspace and they post videos on youtube, so maybe you can find out more that way!!! I hope this helped! :)

Who are Flarp and Malark's celeb crushes?

Flarp: Johnny Depp Malark: Nick Jonas, because I heard that they were actually dating now.

Who are Flarp and Malark dating?

Im not sure if Flarp is dating anyone right now, I think shes single, but Malark is dating Nick Jonas.

Who's cooler Flarp or Malark?

They are both awesome! I love their music and their style! They seriously rock! Although I would probably say Malark since I heard shes dating Mr. Nicholas Jonas. :D Malark, shes way cooler than Miley! I am happy that theyre together! FLARP!! (:

Where can you find music from flarp and malark?

They have a myspace and youtube account!

Is Flarp poisonous to dogs?

flarp is very poisinous to humans and dogs

Who plays Peter malark?

Don’t know

How does flarp work?


What kind of colors are flarp?


How do you get Flarp out of upholstery?

ice cubes

Do you have to add borax to make flarp?