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the babys dad is flo rida

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Q: Who is brandy norwood's child's father?
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What is Brandy Norwoods networth?

$160 million

What is Brandy Norwoods favorite song?

Her biography doesn't give that information.

What are the ages of brandy norwoods kids?

she has one daughter named Sy'Rai .

How old is brandy norwoods daughter?

Her daughter is six now...she was born in June 2002 in 2011 she will be 8 years

What is sonja's norwoods birthday?

Dec 5th 1950

Who can challenge paternity of a deceased father?

The parents of the deceased father (the childs grandparents) can do a paternity test.

Do a father still have to pay child support if he marries the childs mother?


Is the singer brandy related to Dorothy Norwood?

Brandy Norwood, the famous R&B singer, is not related to Dorothy Norwood, the famous gospel singer. Brandy was born in McComb, Mississippi.

Who is brandy baby father?

The father of the singer and star of Moesha, Brandy Norwood's baby is producer Robert Smith. Brandy said that they got married a year before she was pregnant, but she later admitted that they were not really married. She claimed to have said that they were married to keep her clean image for all her Moesha fans.

Who is the father of Brandy Norwood's daughter?

The father of her child name is Robert Smith. He is a producer. Flo Rida is a person she dated.

Who is ricky norwoods girlfriend?

jade ewan from sugarbabes and came to british soap awards 2010 with her.

If you were never married to your child's father and you have sole legal and physical custody who gets custody if you die?

The childs' father, married or not. Your relationship to the father is irrelevent. The father is the first on a long list of family members. Create a living will if that is not acceptable.