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Her daughter is six now...she was born in June 2002

in 2011 she will be 8 years

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Brandy's daughter is 6 years old

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Q: How old is brandy norwoods daughter?
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What are the ages of brandy norwoods kids?

she has one daughter named Sy'Rai .

What is Brandy Norwoods networth?

$160 million

What is Brandy Norwoods favorite song?

Her biography doesn't give that information.

How old is brandy daughter?

I believe the singer Brandy had her baby around 16

What is brandy's daughter name?

If you are referring to famous singing star Brandy, then her daughter's name is Sy'rai.

Does brandy have custody of her daughter?


Does brandy have any children?

Yes, she has a daughter

Who has custody of brandy norwood's baby?

Brandy and her Ex husband share custody of their daughter and are on good terms.

Where is brandy's daughter?

She's somewhere over the rainbow.

What is sonja's norwoods birthday?

Dec 5th 1950

Who is brandy ramsey?

There are a number of people named Brandy Ramsey. Some are famous, some are not famous. One Brandy Ramsey is the daughter of witty chef Gordon Ramsey.

How old is Brandy Ledford?

Brandy Ledford is 42 years old (birthdate: February 4, 1969).