Who is Christian Bail?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The only batman to have ever had a lisp

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Q: Who is Christian Bail?
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How do you pronounce Christian Bale?

Christian is pronounced 'Kris-chin', and Bale is pronounced 'Bay-ul'. Christian is pronounced exactly like the religion (same spelling), and Bale is pronounced the same as 'bail' and rhymes with 'hail'.

Can i bail out my sister if she has immigration no bail?

No. Not if she has a "no bail" hold on her.

When is bail not promised?

Bail is not guaranteed in cases where the court deems the individual to be a flight risk, a danger to society, or if there is a serious risk of obstruction of justice. Additionally, bail may not be offered in cases involving serious offenses such as murder or terrorism.

Do you bale out or bail out?

bail out

What is interim Bail?

Interim bail is bail that has been posted after a release from jail. This bail is posted as a continuance until trial.

How do you spell bail for let's bail?

That is the correct spelling for the verb bail, here used as slang to mean leave (from bail out).

When can bail be refunded?

Bail can be refunded when that bail has bee posted directly to the court and the and the court has ruled the bail has been exonerated.

Who sets the bail?

If you cannot afford to pay the bail, 99% of the time you can get a bail bondsman. Sometimes, if the bail is not a lot, they won't pay it.

What is the type of bail where the denfendant deposits a percentage of the bail amount typically 10 percent with the court?

this is called a deposit bail. A bail bond is when you have someone else pay your bail.

bail bonds?

bail bonds

What is a principal in Bail Bonding?

In bail bonding, the principle is the defendant for whom the bail is posted.

How do you use the word bail?

The bail on this reel is bent.The boat will founder if we do not bail faster. We are fast approaching the place where we will bail out of the airplane. When they arrested me and threw me in jail, I called my Pappy to throw my bail.