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All depends upon the speed you were traveling

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Q: What is the bail amount for vc 22350?
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What is the 2009 bail for VC 22450?


What is the bail amount for a dwi?

Impossible to say. The bail amount is set by the judge arraigning the case.

Secured bail bond?

A "secured" bail bond is one in which the ENTIRE cash amount of bail money was put up -or- the bail bond is secured in it's entire amount by the pledging of property of equal value.

What is bail for drug paraphernalia in Texas?

The person who is incarcerated will know the amount of his bail.

What is 22351 to the nearest ten?


What is the type of bail where the denfendant deposits a percentage of the bail amount typically 10 percent with the court?

this is called a deposit bail. A bail bond is when you have someone else pay your bail.

What is the bail amount for second degree murder?

The typical amount of bail for first-degree murder is NO BAIL. If there are special circumstances to the case, such as the reason for the murder is out of mercy and compassion, the judge may allow bail.

What the bail amount for fraud?


How do you bail someone out of Riker's Island?

The first thing to do is contact a bail bondsman to find out the amount that is needed for bail. Once done, you must pay that amount to the bondsman and the bondsman will go to jail, pay the amount and that person will be released.

How do you get an order to reduce a bail bond?

The amount of a bail bond and conditions of pretrial release are set by the court. If an incarcerated defendant wishes to have the the bail bond amount reduced, the court should be petitioned for a hearing where evidence pertaining to what would be an appropriate amount can be introduced and considered by the court. The court may then reduce the amount of the bail bond.

What are the factors taken into consideration in a judge's decision to set bail?

For the court, the question would be, "Are you a flight risk?" If not, then what is amount of bail commensurate with the offense you are charged with (e.g.- lesser crimes = lesser bail - more serious crimes = higher bail). For the bail bondsman the question is; What is this customer's flight risk AND how difficult will it be to find him if he flees, AND what amount shall I charge for putting my bail account at risk? (Usually bail bondsmen charge about 10% of the amount set by the court).

What is the amount of bail for getting caught with 20 bags of heroin in NJ?

There is not set amount for bail. It will be decided by the judge at a pre-trial hearing.