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Captain Jack Harkness is a rougue time agent who has had his memory erased by the time agency. He is played by the actor/singer John Barrowman. He has also gained a cult following in the spin off show Torchwood, he is also a fiction character in his movie and show.

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Q: Who is Captain Jack from Doctor Who?
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Who played captin Jack in dr who?

John Barrowman played captain jack in doctor who. :)

Who is the person who kisses captain jack in torchwood?

Captain Jack had a relationship with Ianto Jones in Torchwood. He's also kissed other people like Captain John who is his ex. On Doctor Who he kissed both the Doctor and Rose.

Is there a younger version of captain jack that appears in the doctor who episode called utopia?

No, there has never been a young version of Jack in Doctor Who.

Who is captain Jack harkness?

Captin Jack is a fictional man, from the BBC series Doctor Who and Torchwood.

Will Captain Jack Harkness return in doctor who alongside Matt Smith?

At the moment there are no plans for him to return to Doctor Who.

What Doctor has Captain Jack kissed?

The 9th Doctor, Jack kissed both him and Rose before going off to fight the Daleks in The Parting of the Ways.

How many actors in Doctor Who are Christian?

I know Captain Jack is of christian culture.

Which Doctor first met Captain Jack?

Cristifer Ecelson in the unborn child

Who was the third person to see the Tenth Doctor before he regenerated?

It was Captain Jack Harkness.

Did Captain Jack Harkness ask the Doctor what happened to Rose?

Yes he did, and the Doctor gave him an answer, in the series 3 episode "Utopia".

Who is better Captain Jack or the Doctor?

That is a very subjective question. Any answer would be the person's own opinion.

What is captain Jacks surname in Doctor Who?

It's Harkness, although that is not his real name, he stole the identity of the real Captain Jack during WW1. His real identity is unknown.