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I AM IN LOVE WITH ALEXANDER LUDWIG[[User:Alexludwigluvr5126|Alexludwigluvr5126]]!! MORE THAN ANYONE IN THIS WORLD!!!! ~Alexludwigluvr5126~

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Q: Who is Alexander Ludwig's best friend?
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What is Alexander ludwigs middle name?

Alexander Richard Ludwig.

When is alexander Ludwigs birthday?

May the 7th (same as me!)

What is Alexander Ludwigs YouTube?

alexanderludwigTV that's Alexander Ludwig's official youtube account for fans!

What is Alexander Ludwigs sisters names?

He has 2 sisters. Natalie and Sofia.

How old and what are the names of Alexander Ludwigs siblings?

Nichola, sophine and Natalie

What are Alexander Ludwigs favorite food?

Alexander ludwig likes japanese food and italian food. he also likes baked potato with gravy and baked lamb. i love him

What is Alexander Ludwigs home address?

12641 Stanford court in new zeland. :). I hope this helps. Sunning don't tell no one

What is Alexander Ludwigs email address?

Hot-stuff_Alexander I dont know but if i could guess it would be

Who is Alexander's best friend?

alex semin

When was Eberhard-Ludwigs-Gymnasium created?

Eberhard-Ludwigs-Gymnasium was created in 1686.

Was Alexander filled with grief because he thought he had conquered the world?

No. Alexander died of grief because his best friend, Hephaestion, died.

Is Alexander Hamilton a good school?

hell my best friend was assed raped there by a teacher