Who invented songs?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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GOD invented songs, no one else! If you like different songs, you actually belive in god!

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Q: Who invented songs?
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When were songs invented?

When thier lyrics were invented. . :)

Did Bruno Mars invented anything?

no just songs

Why was karaoke invented?

So people can have fun singing their favorite songs. This is also a good entertainment for bars and pubs.

What is the first song ever?

Well, no one really knows. Maybe cavemen hummed tunes, which developed into songs and then they forgot. Then they had hymns and then Michael Jackson( or other singers) invented songs and now... Well you know!

Why was country music invented?

Country was invented so as when people aged they had something to listen to.

What did Thomas Watt invent?

Thomas Wyatt was a poet and an ambassador in the service of Henry VIII. Not an inventor. 96 of his songs were published in 1557. His best work probably contained 200 songs

When was blues invented?

Blues started in the Southern area of the United States in the 1800s. It started as a mix of spiritual songs and other types of chants.

What impact does the guitar have on society?

it has become invovled in songs, leisure or just entertainment. the guitar was also a hit craze in 1400 BC when it was invented by the hittities

Is there an English translation for Lisa Gerrard's song in the movie Man On Fire?

Lisa Gerrard performs many of her songs in an invented language. "Idioglossa". There is probably no English translation.

Who invented the pentatonic scale?

The pentatnic scale is the oldest scale used by humans. It has appeared in folk music from around the world in songs that are hundreds, sometimes thousands of years old. It is thought that ancient Greek and Roman music used the pentatonic scale. It was not "invented" by one person.

What is the name of the song that mixes songs?

songs dont' mix songs - people mix songs

What songs have the most beautiful lyrics?

Taylor Swift songs. Love songs. Italian songs.