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no under siege songs are not used in a film.the songs that are chosed in a film is the songs that a director chooses for the film

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Q: Under Siege what songs are used in film?
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Are there any different songs in the little shop of horrors musical than in the film?

Well, the song "Closed for Renovation" isn't used in the film. And in the film they gave the songs used in the musical different lyrics.

What is a blockade to capture a castle?

A blockade is used to stop ships. A castle is under siege.

Who owns copyright of Tamil Film songs of 1950-60?

If they were written specifically for the films, they may be controlled by the film studios. Existing songs simply used in film would be controlled by the rightsholder of the underlying song, and the rightsholder of the particular recording used.

What aircraft carrier is used in under siege?

It wasn't an aircraft carrier, but a battleship. The battleship used was the USS Missouri.

What were the siege guns used for?

to siege

What US Civil War siege tactic was also used by ancient Persia?

One clear example of a siege tactic used both by the Union army in the US Civil War and a siege tactic used by the Ancient Persians was the tunnel. When the Federals had Petersburg under siege for almost a year, one Union regiment came up with the idea of tunneling under the heavy fortifications of the city. This same tactic was used in ancient times among the Persians and other ancient armies.

Which ACDC songs are in Iron Man 2?

Shoot to Thrill and Highway to Hell were the two ACDC songs in Iron Man 2. Other ACDC songs were used in trailers but not included in the film.

What materials were used for siege engines?

most siege machines are made from wood

What are the names of some Malayalam Film songs?

Malayalam songs that have been featured in films include Mandhara, Karutha Penne, Devathoraree, Aayanthachatrgee and Poomaname. There are several YouTube compilations of songs with clips from the movies they were used in.

How do you use the word siege?

A siege refers to a military operation in which enemy forces surround a town or building, cutting off essential supplies and communication to force surrender. The word "siege" can also be used in a broader context to describe a persistent or difficult situation where a group is isolated or under pressure.

What Songs are used in the film holiday inn?

White Christmas- which has become an unofficial alternate title to avoid confusion with the Motel Chain!

When would you use the word siege?

The word "siege" is used to describe a military operation in which enemy forces surround a city or fort in order to force the surrender of the occupants by cutting off essential supplies. It can also be used metaphorically to describe a situation in which someone or something is under sustained attack or pressure.