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songs are on diseny because when you get on the website you see songs and they play the songs. on dadnapped they have songs by emliy osment.

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Hero In Me.

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Q: What song does Emily Osment sing in Dadnapped?
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Is the song Hero In Me sung by Linkin Park?

No. It is sang by Emily Osment in the Disney movie Dadnapped.

Is The Hero In Me performed by Michael Jackson?

No it is a song made by Emily Osment for the Disney Channel Original Movie Dadnapped

Who sang the song I Don't Think About It?

Miley didnt sing "I dont think about it". Emily Osmet sung this.

Does Daughtry sing the new song 'All The Way Up'?

I just Googled it, and it says Emily Osment (From Hannah Montana) sings it.

Is Emily osment on the last song the movie?


What is Emily Osment's favorite song?

Lets be friends

What is the best Mitchel Musso song?

"if i didn't have you" was Mitchell Musso's best song. Also, with Co-star Emily Osment. "if i didn't have you" was Mitchell Musso's best song. Also, with Co-star Emily Osment.

Who Sings Shoebox?

EMILY OSMENT sings shoebox not Barrie Emily sings the song shoebox

Did Emily osment write the song you don't think about it?

No she wrote the song "I don't think about it "

Is there a song titled 'Hero in Me' by Michael Jackson?

No there isn't, that's an Emily Osment song.

Are miley cyruss songs sung by Emily osment?

Even though they both have amazing voices they sing their own songs.

What is the song I Dont Think About It by Emily Osment from?

It is a song from the movie The Haunting Hour Don't Think About It.