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Scooter Braun & on YouTube

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Q: Who found Justin Bieber's telent and where?
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Who found Justin Biebers tallent?


Why is Justin Bieber remembered?

For his rock hard telent

Has Justin Biebers ticket been found yet?


Who is Justin Biebers mannager?

Justin biebers manger is scooter braun

Can you be Justin Biebers girlfriend this 2011?

no i cant be Justin Biebers girlfriend because, I am Justin Beiber.

What was Justin Biebers CD called?

Justin biebers CD is called my world

What is Justin Biebers favourite boys name?

Justin and biebers

What is Justin Biebers date of berth?

Justin Biebers date of birth is March 1,1994

Has anyone found Justin Biebers golden ticket?

yes Forzana Begum from London

Where are Justin biebers albums found?

online or at almost any store that sells music

What is the name of justin biebers new fragrance?

Justin Biebers new fragrance is called Someday.

Is Justin Biebers mom in jail?

Did Justin Biebers mum go too jail? no