Who does Joe Jonas like?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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he used to like Camilla Belle but they broke up. YES!!!!

but he might like demi lovato Oh I'm fed up of all this 'Jemi' business! They are good friends. Camp Rock is not real, they will not end up together! She thinks of him as a brother and he's not her type. She likes boys with long hair and tattoos. But yes, Joe is single now. I'm guessing he still loves Camilla though. He likes me, Alysha Gassman! He told me himself. JK!!!!!!!!!!!! He liked Talor Swift until he broke up with her on the phone! I tink he eather like Demi Lavoto or Miley Cyrus.

omj he dosent like miley that just stupid he likes demi and that's it

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a secret girl named Carmela from the Philippines. location. in luzon manila.

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Q: Who does Joe Jonas like?
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Do you like nick or Joe Jonas better?

joe jonas

What is Joe Jonas and Nick Jonas like?

nick Jonas is sensitive and sweet, and joe Jonas is funny and hyper. Kevin Jonas is romantic. i personally like nick Jonas best, but im like joe: hyper.

Who do you like out of the Jonas Brothers?

i like Joe Jonas

Do you like Joe Jonas or not?

Yes...Joe Jonas is super cute!

Joe Jonas like in a girl?

joe Jonas is dating camilla belle

Who like Joe Jonas?

The first person that like Joe JOnas is meee.... I know everything about him.

Does Joe Jonas Like Popcorn?

Yes Joe Jonas enjoys popcorn

What do the Jonas brothers signatures look like?

This is Joe's : JOE JONAS This is Nick's: NICK JONAS This is Kevin's : KEVIN JONAS

Does Joe Jonas like sallena Gomez?

Joe Jonas does like Salena Gomez, but only like a friend because his brother nick Jonas is dating her.

What kind of phone does Joe Jonas like?

Joe Jonas has a black berry phone.

Would Joe Jonas like to date anybody from India?

joe Jonas might

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nick Jonas then joe then Kevin