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4% of fans like the Bonus Jonas (Frankie), 8% of fans like Kevin Jonas, 39% of fans like Joe Jonas (My fav! Luv u jOe!), and 49% of fans like Nick Jonas.

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99.9% of the world

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Q: What percentage of fans like Kevin Jonas?
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Does Kevin Jonas like his fans?

Yes. He and his Brothers absalutly love teir fans!

What is the percentage of Jonas brothers fans like Kevin the most?

I looked on a fansite and found out that out of their 3,079 members. 47% Prefered Kevin. I looked on a fansite and found out that out of their 3,079 members. 47% Prefered Kevin.

Is NickJonas1237 really Nick Jonas?

No, that's probably one of his fans. Most fans like me like to use nick Jonas, Jonas brothers, or Kevin and joe in their usernames.

Does the Jonas brothers like fans cursing?

No they do not. Even know that Kevin Jonas said a bad word but by acident.

Do the Jonas Brothers like getting presents?

We love getting presents from our fans, but most of all we love knowing we do have fans that admire us, thanks The Jonas Brothers, Kevin,Nick,Joe

Do Jonas Brothers like older fans?

The Jonas Brothers like and enjoy every single fan, despite their generation or age. On their myspace - ( - Nick, Kevin, and Joe have text describing liking their fans to be older than them, which was stated by Kevin, their age, which was stated by Joe, and younger than them, stated by Nick Jonas.

Does Kevin Jonas like Harry Potter?

yes Kevin Jonas does like harry potter

Does Kevin Jonas like Frankie Jonas?

Of Course Kevin likes Frankie Jonas..=Why wouldn't he like his own brother.... ? :s=

What do the Jonas brothers signatures look like?

This is Joe's : JOE JONAS This is Nick's: NICK JONAS This is Kevin's : KEVIN JONAS

Who the hell is Kevin?

Are you being serious? Kevin Jonas, actually called Paul Kevin Jonas, is the eldest Jonas Brother. The Jonas Brothers' father, affectionately known as "Papa Jonas" is also called Paul Kevin Jonas, but like his son, prefers being called Kevin.

Do more girls like Joe Kevin or Nick Jonas?

nick Jonas then joe then Kevin

Does Nick Jonas like Kevin Jonas?

yes, he does