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They look like wolves, however, each one had a number on it's collar to correspond with a dead tribute from the 74th Hunger Games. Their fur color was the hair color of the tribute they were supposed to look like, and their eye color was the same as the person they were supposed to look like.

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Q: Who do the wolf-like muttations look like in Hunger Games?
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the muttations, they were like wolf dogs

What are mutations hunger games?

Muttations were genetically engineered creatures. In the book, they were created with the DNA of the dead tributes and therefore looked exactly like the tributes. In the movie, they looked like huge creatures with bulldog-like faces

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The gamemakers are the people that decide how and what will the hunger games look like.

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There are a few mutts mentioned in the Hunger Games. First, there is the jabberjay. Jabberjays were made to spy on rebells during the first uprising. Jabberjays led to the creation of mockingjays by mating with mockingbirds. Next there are trackerjackers. trackerjackers are like wasps but meaner, and they track people who harm their nests or bother them. The mutts created for the 74th Hunger Games specifically are the wolves. The wolves have the hair and eyes of the dead tributes from the Games.

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