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No, the actual bodies were sent back to their respective districts for funerals. The wolf muttations (called mutts) were most likely made by combining wolves with each tribute's dna, which could've been collected by the prep teams. There was most likely muttations made from Katniss and Peeta's dna as well, though they weren't unleashed because Katniss and Peeta were still alive and the point of using the tributes in the genetic experiments was to freak the other tributes out

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The wolf like creature are the capitols mutations. They are not the tributes but their eyes were modified to look like them by the game maker (people who worked for scene crane). This is how Katniss believe is to be anyways. :)

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Q: Were wolf tributes one of the capitols mutations in hunger games?
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Mutts are mutations that the Capital created to end the Hunger Games by driving the remaining Tributes together.

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Muttations were genetically engineered creatures. In the book, they were created with the DNA of the dead tributes and therefore looked exactly like the tributes. In the movie, they looked like huge creatures with bulldog-like faces

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