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They are called Tributes

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You call them a 'Tribute'.

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Q: What are people called who fight in The Hunger Games?
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What is the movie called where they drop off people and let them fight to survive in the woods?

The movie is called, "The Hunger Games".

How is Haymitch Abernathy from The Hunger Games violent?

He is violent because he himself was in the Hunger Games and had to fight to stay alive and win. He killed other people for his survival.

What is the first book to The Hunger Games?

in the book peeta has a mechanical leg at the end of the book but not in the movie

What is the book called the Hunger Games all about?

The Hunger Games is about a country called Panem in the ruins of North America somewhat in the future and its annual competition, the Hunger Games. In the Hunger Games, the Capitol, the heart of Panem, forces the twelve surrounding districts to each send one boy and one girl to fight the other districts in Panem. And in the Hunger Games, there is only one rule: Stay Alive.

Is the Hunger Games a bloody movie?

The Hunger Games has blood in it from the arrows because as they say they have to fight to their death to win the Games.

Why are the Hunger Games held annually?

The Hunger Games is held every year on the anniversary of the fight against the capitol

Where was rue in the begining of the fight of the hunger games?

The cornucopia

What is the basic situation for The Hunger Games?

Hunger Games is about different districts using kids to fight against each other.

Was it right for katniss to fight for equipment in the hunger games?


What is the name of the fight in the arena in the hunger games?

The beginning fight at the Cornucopia when the Games begin is called The Blood Bath for that's when most of the 24 tributes die trying to grab survival kits and/or weapons

What happens in The Hunger Games book?

A girl named katniss takes her sisters place in the hunger games, which is a contest in which contestants fight to the death, and she ends up winning the games.

Do people in the hunger games kill each other?

No, not all of the characters die in Mockingjay (the third Hunger Games book).The main characters that die are:Prim EverdeenPresident SnowPresident CoinFinnick OdairBoggs