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first i think u mean where do all The Hunger Games tributes live? and they first live on a train for each district and then when the actual Hunger Games start they live in a forest.

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they go to live in the Victor's Village along with their mentor.

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in a arena with a surronding forcefield

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Q: Where do the tributes fight in The Hunger Games?
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What are people called who fight in The Hunger Games?

They are called Tributes

Who were the tributes for Mockingjay?

There was no Hunger Games in mockingjay so there were no tributes

Where do the tributes of the Hunger Games go after the reaping?

they go to the capital city, where they get groomed and trained for the upcoming hunger games. then, they are lifted into an arena, where they have to fight for survival. sources: watched the movie

Who were the brother and sister tributes in the 75th Hunger Games?

Cashmere and Gloss are the brother and sister tributes from District 1 in the 75th Hunger Games.

What are hunger games followers called?


What is the first book to The Hunger Games?

in the book peeta has a mechanical leg at the end of the book but not in the movie

What is the mentors job in the book the Hunger Games?

Their job is to train tributes to when they enter the hunger games.

What are the keywords for the districts for the hunger games contest?


Who interviews the tributes the Hunger Games?

Caeser Flickerman

Who interviews the tributes in the Hunger Games?

Caesar Flickerman

How many tributes go into the hunger games?

there is 36

What did the tributes do first in hunger games?

they whent to the capitol