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Q: How does effie trinket looks like in the hunger games?
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What did Claudius look like in the hunger games?

he looks like a gluon

Where to find Peeta's description in The Hunger Games?

You can find a description of Peeta on page 25 of the Hunger Games. On the bottom of the page. If your looking for a description of how he looks, that is.

What did Effie Trinket say at the Reaping in The Hunger Games?

Welcome! Welcome! Happy Hunger Games and may the Odds Be Ever in your Favour! Now,Before we Begin ,We have a special message brought to you all the way from the Capitol! (After video) I just Love That! Now,As Usual,ladies First! PRIMROSE EVERDEEN! Where are you? Come on up dear Katniss:Prim! I Volunteer! I Volunteer As Tribute! Well,It looks like we have a volunteer! What's Your Name? Katniss:Katniss Everdeen i'd bet my hat that was your sister? Katniss:Yeah Give a hand to District 12's first volunteer! *Three Fiinger Salute* And now For The boys! PEETA MELLARK Well Go On You Two,Shake Hands Here We are,Our Tributes from District 12!

What is the era that predates the Hunger Games?

I am very sorry but the hunger games were not real so there is no era that predates it... Maybe the era of people who think the hunger games are real or the era that is killing our generation. *cough couch* looks at YOU

What does Portia in The Hunger Games look like?

She is not described, all that is known about her is that she was Peeta's stylist.

What does the jewel dress in the hunger games look loike?

It looks like it's on fire.

What does the woods look like in The Hunger Games?

it looks like woods with a lake in the middle

Who acts Katniss in The Hunger Games?

I have absolutely no clue.. But she looks a little like Tori Webster?!

Where can you get a jacket that looks like the one Jennifer Lawrence wears in the hunger games commercial?

Try savers.

Where can i find a picture of Capella Gonzalez who might play rue in the Hunger Games movie?

I've seen one picture from a hunger games cast website. She looks like how i had imagined rue would look.

Will there be an audition tour for the movie 'The Hunger Games'?

I don't think so. It looks like they already have the full cast.

What does Mayor Undersee from The Hunger Games look like?

Old, a little big... You get a image of what he [sort of] looks like.