Who created animes?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Osamu Tezuka

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Q: Who created animes?
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Is the site wwwanimescentercom still adding animes?

yes it is, its added about three new animes.

What is the url for anime?

Well, there's tons of url's for Animes but the website I watch animes on is:

What animes start with a i and ends with a?

Inuyasha one of the best animes I have seen or are you looking for a different anime?

What are all the animes in America?

Most animes in Japan can be found in American. However, some may not be dubbed in english. Luckily, people can translate and put subtitles on the animes to help others enjoy good animes. =]

Can you give me a long list of funny animes?

You can find a long list of funny animes at the website Listal. A few funny animes are Nichijou, Hayate the Combat Butler, and Daily Lives of High School Boys.

Why you guys say anime and Pokemon is Japanese is full of lies and don't say it anymore i am trying to say anime is Chinese that is my opinon what do you think should i stick with Chinese?

I am sorry to dissappoint you but Pokemon is Japanese. Almost 99% of animes or Japanese, it is actually rather rare to find any animes from china, their cartoons are done more in the style of the Jackie Chan cartoons that use to play but that is not technically animes and if you so wish I can give you ten sites that agree and some that prove Pokemon was originally created in Japan as is most other animes.

What makes anime anime?

Not only is it cartoons made by the Japanese , it is the style of it that makes it anime, also most animes are created from mangas or Japanese comic books.

Are there any 2013 animes?

Of course there are, such as Karneval.

What is the names of some adult animes?


What are the best animes with dragons?

Dragon Drive ,

What are some good steampunk animes?

The following list contains good steampunk animes Simoun, Howl's Moving Castle, Steamboy and Samurai 7.

What are some animal animes?

Ginga Densetsu Weed