What are some pervy animes?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Gakkou no Kaidan or Ghost Stories(in english)


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Q: What are some pervy animes?
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What is the names of some adult animes?


What are all the animes in America?

Most animes in Japan can be found in American. However, some may not be dubbed in english. Luckily, people can translate and put subtitles on the animes to help others enjoy good animes. =]

What does pervy mean?

The word pervy is short for pervert. A pervert is someone whose sexual behavior is considered abnormal.

Is the pervy sage the fourth Hokage's father?

No. The pervy sage, aka Jaraiya, was the 4th Hokage's Sensei, not his father.

What are some animal animes?

Ginga Densetsu Weed

What are some sword animes?

Bleach (the most) and Naruto Shippuden (some).

What are some good animes with yanderes?

There are many different animes with yanderes characters. Some of the famous ones include Hikurishi, Elfen Lied, and Higurashi no Nuko. You can try these out and see if they captivate you.

What are some good steampunk animes?

The following list contains good steampunk animes Simoun, Howl's Moving Castle, Steamboy and Samurai 7.

What are some animes that have butlers in them?

Hayate the Combat Butler , Black Butler ,

What are some animes that have kissing scenes?

Inuyasha (Kikyou and Inuyasha kiss)

What are some good romance animes with a mean-ish boy and a strong girl?

well ima big otaku and ive been searching for animes just like that

Is jiraiya alive?

yes! nagato will revive those who killed No Jiraiya was not revived like Hinata or Kakashi. Pervy Sage is gone man! oi idiot it is possible to bring back pervy sage as seen with kabuto bringing back some of the akatsuki