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Q: Who bought the island where Edward and Bella spend their honeymoon?
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Where did edward and Bella have their honeymoon?

Esme Island Carlisle bought it for Esme

What is the island that Bella and Edward go to on there honeymoon?

Isle Esme

Where is Bella and edward's honeymoon?

On an island called Isle Esme. Owned by Edward's mom, Esme.

What is the name of the island Bella and edward go for honeymoon?

Isle Esme. Carlisle gave it to Esme as a gift. and she let Edward and Bella borrow it.

What do Bella and Edward do on their honeymoon?

They spend time on an island enjoying the scenery and scuba diving. They also have intercourse.

Where does Bella do it with Edward?

On their honeymoon at Isle Esme.

What page do Edward and Bella have their honeymoon?

about page 80

Where do Edward and Bella honeymoon?

It's Isle Esme

Where is Bella and Edward's honeymoon held?

Isle Esme

Why do Bella and edward return from their honeymoon early?

Because they find out that Bella is pregnant.

Where does Bella and edward go on vacation in breaking dawn?

For their honeymoon, Edward takes Bella to Isle Esme, an island that Carlisle gave to Esme on their anniversary. It is near Rio, off the coast of South America.

Dose Bella marry edward and get pregnant?

Yes, Bella and Edward marry and while on their honeymoon, a child is conceived.