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They Watched A Musical. With Smiling Faces And Cheerful Music And Edward Approves "Very Honey-Moonish."

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Q: What movie did Edward and Bella watch at their honeymoon?
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On Bella and Edwards honeymoon does Bella get pregnant?

In Breaking Dawn, the fourth book in the Twilight Saga, Bella Swan does get pregnant by vampire husband Edward Cullen, but there is more, watch the movie for more info. Or email me at!!!

What movie do Edward and Bella watch?

Romeo and Juliet

What movie does Bella and Edward watch before Bella's birthday party in New Moon?

romeo and Juliet

What movie does Bella watch that foreshadows what will eventually happen between her and Edward?

romeo and Juliet

What happens at Bella and Edwards wedding?

Jacob shows up and gets upset but apart from that its the Honeymoon you should watch out for!

Did edward purpose to Bella at the end of new moon or eclipse?

it was the end of Eclipse (trust me i just watch the movie )

Did Bella die while giving birth?

no she did not but watch the movie than telling us okay

Why is Edward in Bellas room when she wakes up?

Because Edward likes to watch Bella sleep

Why does Edward Cullen watch Bella Swan sleep?

because he loves her

When do Bella and edward kiss in twilght the movie?

That's kind of funny but its a little closer towards the end when they kiss

What happens to Jacob when he fights Edward for Bella's love?

either u read the books or watch the movie coming out soon 'cuz idk SORRY

Who won between Jacob and edward at the end of the movie?

Edward. Bella said " I love you, but dont make me choose, because it will be him; it has always been him" to jacob. It was sad.