Who becomes Hokage?

Updated: 8/30/2023
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No one knows! I'm afraid your skipping ahead way to much.

Although Danzo was "elected" the title of Sixth Hokage, he didn't serve nearly long enough. In fact, after he died, Kakashi was actually going to become Sixth Hokage, were it not for Tsunade Senju waking up from her coma.

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Thats not true Danzo becomes the six hokage.
the second hokage is of course nidaime! :))


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No one yet

because Tsunade is back (fact)


Most probably the 7th Hokage will be Naruto

but you never know if kishimoto decides to kill him then Konohamaru

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yes kakashi becomes the 7th hokage

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Q: Who becomes Hokage?
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Does naruto die before he becomes Hokage?

No Naruto becomes the Hokage before he dies.

Is Naruto going to be the 6 Hokage?

No. Danzo becomes the 6th Hokage after Tsunade "dies."

Is it possible sakura haruno will be the sixth Hokage?

naruto uzumaki becomes the sixth hokage

Who becomes Hokage after naruto?

Konoharmaru.He said it.

Who becomes seventh Hokage?

i think naruto is the one 6th hokage and 7th hokage will be konahamaru stupid danzo his repecling on naruto place

Who should be the seventh Hokage?

If Naruto becomes the 6th hokage, i think Konohamaru should become the 7th!!!

Who do you think will be homage after danzo Kakashi or Naruto?

Tsunade. She becomes well. However, Kakashi was set as a candidate for the hokage's post. Also danzo never becomes the hokage. he dies before he is officially announced as the sixth hokage.

How does naruto become the ultimate ninja?

when he becomes the hokage

What happened to tsunade in naruto?

She becomes the fifth hokage.

Who becomes the 6 hokoge in Naruto?

Danzo becomes the 6th Hokage after Pain's invasion.

Do Naruto and Sasuke fight for the title Hokage because someone said they do and Sasuke becomes Hokage?

Sasuke doesn't really care about the hokage, his goals change throughout the series and have nothing to do with the Hokage title.

What happens in the end of Naruto shippudden?

Naruto becomes Hokage