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Prince Naveen is played by Bruno Campos.

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The Prince

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Q: Who beacomes the frog in the princess and the frog?
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Who was the voice of momma ode of princess and the frog?

Jenifer Lewis

What does awww shedanza in the princess and the frog mean?

How cool! How exicting! Oh my god!

What was the name of the firefly on princess and the frog?

Raymond also known as Ray for short

What is the summary of the frog princess?

For the upcoming Disney Movie "The Frog Princess," the difference will be that it has Disney's first African American princess. That AND its in the USA in New Orleans, in the 1920ish era. Which shall make it very interesting to see how they pull off that story. I would much rather have her be a normal European princess, she can be black and all,(adopted maybe???) no problems there, just the time period is way off. I think that if Disney wants to appease the black community than they should find a African Princess story and make it just as amazing as the ones they have done,(European like attire) just base it on there heritage. They have some really good ones, I have read many. * Oh and I am not racist so do not try and say I seem to be, if that's what you think. I just like stories to be as close to the original storyline as possible, because they are awesome stories.

What are the name of the characters in The Princess and the Frog?

Louise (the trumpet playing alligator) , Tiana (the girl with a big dream who turns into a princess in the end) , Naveen (the prince that turns into a frog), Ray (the firefly) , Dr. Facilier (A.K.A the shadow man) , Mama Odie (the voodoo queen of the bayou) Charles ( the one that betrays Naveen ) Tiana's Dad , Tiana's Mom.Comments below

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How is the author of the princess and the frog?

If you meant 'The Frog Princess' the author was E. D. Baker whose novel was made into the Disney film 'The Princess and the Frog' .

Are there any scripts for The Princess and the Frog?

no, because it is pretty obvious the princess kisses the frog and he turns into the princeno actually, the princess kisses the frog and she turns into a frog 2! lol ;)

What company makes the Princess and the Frog?

Disney is the company that owns the Princess and the Frog.

What was the Production Budget for The Princess and the Frog?

The Production Budget for The Princess and the Frog was $105,000,000.

What is the name of cat from Princess and the frog?

The name of the cat in princess and the frog is Lola

What type of animal does Princess Tiana kiss in The Princess And The Frog?

Seeing as the movie is called "The Princess and the Frog," I would have to assume a frog is the animal she kissed.

Is the movie the frog princess based on the book the frog princess by ED baker?


What year was Princess And The Frog written?

"The Princess and the Frog" was released as an animated film by Disney in 2009. It was loosely based on the 2002 novel "The Frog Princess" by E.D. Baker.

Who published The Frog Princess and in what year?

"The Frog Princess" was published by Children's Book Press in 1994.

What movie has a frog boy met a frog girl?

The princess and the frog

What is the name of the frog in the movie The princess and the Frog?


Who produced 'The Princess and the Frog'?

Disney's film The Princess and the Frog was produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios.