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Q: Who was the voice of momma ode of princess and the frog?
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What is the style of ode to joy by Beethoven?

"Ode to Joy" in it's basic sense is a straightforward four-voice chorale, although in Symphony #9, Beethoven does some remarkable things with it (including a double fugue).

Where does word ode came from?

Ode comes from a Latin word, of the same spelling, meaning lyric song. It also relates to the word 'aude' meaning voice, tone or sound. This, in classical use, defined a poem intended to be sung

What warning does the chorus voice in ode 2?

In Ode 2, the chorus warns against excessive pride and hubris. They caution that those who are too ambitious and strive for too much power will ultimately face a downfall and be punished by the gods.

Which Beethoven symphony contains the Ode To Joy?

The music commonly known as "Ode to Joy" originally came from the fourth movement of Beethoven's Symphony no. 9 in D Minor, also known as the "Choral Symphony" because it was the first to incorporate voice as one of the instruments. Beethoven wrote the music but not the words. Ode to Joy was actually a poem written as An die Freude, by Friedrich Schiller in 1785.

Example of ode poem?

Ode to Shirley and Marion   She was the Bishop's pet raised by nuns in Lafayette Whose photo was their choice on the cover of St. Mary's Voice But to the Bishop and nun's dismay we eloped and ran away from orphanage to army post and widow Woodard as our host I twenty-one and she sixteen could not have foreseen us together much less alive when she reached seventy-five celebrating sixty years of matrimony and a love that is not one bit phony with our eight children and their four hoping for at least twenty years more

What is pindar forte?


What is a ode for basketball?

it usually a poem. try searching ode to duty, or ode to joy etc.

Analysis of ode to the skylark?

explanation of ode to skylark

What is a homophone for ode?

A homophone for "ode" is "owed."

Is an ode a narrative or lyric poem?

An ode is a poem.

What does it mean to ode to a food?

Nothing, it is meaningless since ode is a noun not a verb. An ode is a poem in praise of something so one could write and ode to a food.

What is ode inspirer?

"Ode inspirer" is a term that describes someone or something that serves as the inspiration for an ode, which is a type of lyrical poem that is usually dedicated to a particular person or object. The ode inspirer is the subject or source of inspiration for the poet to create the ode.