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There are many wrestlers featured on WWE Friday Night Smackdown. Currently the World Heavyweight Champion is Dolph Ziggler and the United States Champion is Dean Ambrose. Other key Smackdown wrestlers include Sheamus and Randy Orton.

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Q: Who are the wrestlers in Friday Night Smackdown?
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In America what day is WWE smackdown on?

wwe smackdown is on Friday night,the actual name of the show is Friday night smackdown.

What is WWE event every Friday?

Friday night smackdown

What are the release dates for WWF SmackDown - 1999 Friday Night SmackDown July 29 2011?

WWF SmackDown - 1999 Friday Night SmackDown July 29 2011 was released on: USA: January 2011

Does Friday night smackdown come on directv?

yes it is on channel 62 Friday nights @ 8.00

What day does Friday night smackdown go on channel 9?


Why is Tazz not on Friday night smackdown?

He is on tna now

When did Friday night smackdown start?

It started in !999.

What channel is Smackdown on Tuesday?

WWE Smackdown on tuesday is on Syfi, the same channel as WWE Friday night smackdown.

Is Dolph Ziggler on smackdown or raw?

Dolph Ziggler is on Friday Night Smackdown.

When is Friday Night Smackdown taped?

some people think that smackdown is on Friday. i thought that to. until i went and watched the decade of smackdown it was on Tuesday. it was a good show. i found out that since ecw is on Tuesday they changed there to Friday

Who is the cutetest wrestler on Friday night smackdown?

Michail Jackson

When did kaval debut on Friday night smackdown?

September 7.