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His last match was a singles match with Rey Mysterio at Friday Night Smackdown.

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Q: What was Kurt angle last match in WWE?
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On what brand did Kurt Angle wrestle his last match in WWE?


When and what brand was Kurt Angle on in his last match in WWE?

ecw , that was after the draft in 2006

Who did john cena fight in his first WWE match?

Kurt Angle

Who did John cena vs in his first match?

First match in WWE was against Kurt Angle.

When was john cena first WWE match?

2002 He lost to Kurt angle

Who won the first WWE tag team match?

Kurt angle and chris benoit.

Who was in wrestling longer Jeff or john?

Jeff has, because Jeff began wrestling in the WWE in the old times, his first match was against Razor Ramon, John came into play when WWE was starting to become WWE, his first match was against Kurt Angle when he was bald. (Kurt Angle is still bald)

Will Kurt Angle re-join the WWE?

No, Kurt Angle declined the offer to join the WWE. Kurt Angle is currently in Impact Wrestling (formerly TNA).

Is Kurt angel stronger than rvd?

(2010) yes Kurt angle is stronger than RVD Kurt angle made RVD tap-out from the angle-lock in wwe,but now they are both in TNA wristling and they are both much stronger and they haven't faced each other in TNA,but Kurt angle made rvd tap-out in a one-on-one match in wwe,so yes Kurt angle is stronger than rvd!!!

Why Kurt angle leave WWE?

Kurt Angle quit WWE because he had no time off and because of health reasons.

Is Kurt angle coming back?

i hope Kurt angle is coming back in wwe

Did Kurt angle die on WWE?