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a chairs match OR a single match

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Q: What is WWE batiata's match specialty?
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How many match types are in the WWE?

there are 29 specialty matches Then there is 6-man tag, single, handicap and more

Which WWE games contain Lumberjacks match?

no wwe games include lumberjack match, but hope so in wwe 12

What year was the first WWE match?

The first wwe match started in 1950 and continues in in 1996

What is a table match WWE?

A tables match in the WWE is a match where you can only win by putting you opponent through a wooden table. Sheamus won his first WWE Championship in this type of match against John Cena

How do you win a steel cage match in the WWE?

To win a steel cage match in the WWE you have to pin the opponent.

How do you win a 2 out of 3 falls match in WWE?

you have to beat them up and then you pin them. that is how you win a match in WWE

What is a hog pen match in the WWE?

it is a sex match

Is there a cage match in WWE raw total edition?

there is any cage match in wwe raw total edation

What was the first match in WWE history?

the 1st wwe match in history was kanye west vs Taylor swift

What is a WWE Dark Match?

A match that occurs before or after a WWE TV show. The only way you can view them is if you are at the arena.

Is Michelle going to leave WWE?

Michelle lost to lalya in a carer threating match(a match were the loser quits wwe).

What is wrestlings most dangerous match?

Either The Lethal Lockdown Match(TNA)Ulitimate X Match(TNA)Tapie Deathmatch(CZW)Lightube Death Match(CZW)Barbed Wire Death Match(WWE,TNA,CZW)Fire Match(CZW) Clockwork Orange Of Fun House Deathmatch(TNA,CZW)Ladder Match(WWE,TNA,CZW)Hell In A Cell(WWE) Steel Cage Match(WWE,CZW,TNA)Dragon Match(CZW,TNA)