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In WWF his last match was againest Yokozuna, and in the WWE it was indeed againest HBK

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Q: Hulk hogans last match in the wwf was against who?
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What was hulk hogans final match before retirement?

It was around 2002-2009 at Wrestlemania. He wrestled The Rock. Hulk Hogan beat him. (Because Hulk Hogan is a 65 year old man) But there are rumors that Hulk Hogan will go against Stone Cold Steve Austin at Wrestlemania 31. It will also be Triple HHH vs The Rock one last time at Wrestlemania 31.

Why is hulk hogans sons last name different?

Hulk Hogan's real name is Terrence Bollea. His son's last name is Bollea. Hulk Hogan is just a stage name.

How and why did hulk higan come back in 2003?

Well Hogan came back in february of 2003 and started a huge rivalry with vince McMahon! which led to a Rock/Hogan II at no way out! after that Hulk did a match at wrestlemania 19 against Vince!(my guess is that's why he came back)The smackdown after wrestlemania Vince fired Hogan! this led to the transformation of Hulk Hogan Into Mr America! that was Hulk hogans last go around until 2005!

Hulk Hogan last lost to whom?

Hulk Hogan last WWE career loss was a retirement match to the Big Show.

Who did chris benoit wrestle his last match against?

his last match was against eligha burke sorry i cant spell elighas name properly his last match was against eligha burke sorry i cant spell elighas name properly

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What was Chyna's last match?

Chyna's last match was at Judgment Day 2001 where she defended her WWF Women's Championship against Lita.

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What was Jeff Hardy's last match in 2003?

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