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One of the best places to find CAW's for SmackDown vs RAW would be at ;

Click the link in the ' Related Link ' section.

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Q: Where can I find SmackDown vs RAW 2007 Create A Wrestlers Guides?
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Can you get the people in ecw on smackdown vs raw 2007?

you have to create them

How do you get to the CAWS menu on Smackdown vs Raw 2007?

To get to the create-a-superstar menu on Smackdown! vs. Raw 2007 (for PS2), select 'create modes' while on the menu screen. Then, select 'create a superstar' and press 'new superstar'. It will then take you to the create-a-superstar screen.

How do you unlock Jeff Hardy on Smackdown vs Raw 2007?

he is not on there you have to create him good luck.

Can you create Michael Jackson on smackdown vs raw 2007?

mostly you can create can celebrity you can look out for their attire and other thinks from youtube

Why my computer wont let me look at any Create a Wrestlers for Smackdown vs Raw 2007 I just got charter if that helps?

because no one has put any sites of caws like they did with the previos games its stilll fairly new and that's what im looking for and its pissing me off

Does 2007 raw vs smackdown have goldberg?

No, Smackdown! vs. Raw 2007 does not have Goldberg on it.

Can you the smackdown fist in Smackdown vs Raw 2007?


How do you make a person Smackdown vs raw 2007?

While on the title screen, click 'create modes'. Then click 'create a superstar'. Click 'create new'. Then make your superstar or diva.

Can you use cheats for Smackdown vs Raw 2007?

No. There is no cheat codes selection in Smackdown vs Raw 2007.

Where to download Smackdown vs Raw 2007?

The store in Smackdown! vs. RAW 2007 is in the locker room, on the computer.

What new wrestlers will you see in the game that were never in a Smackdown game yet?

Rob Conway Carlito Khosrow Daivari Snitsky Chris Masters Michelle McCool Sylvain Grenier Christy Hemme Muhammad Hassan Danny Basham Orlando Jordan Doug Basham Paul London Eugene Heindenreich in smackdown vs raw 2007 it will be all ecw wrestlers like subu, sandman, Tommy dreamer and lots more. p.s. Jeff hardey is in it to.

Is sabu on Smackdown vs Raw 2007?