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Hachibi (8 tails) host - Killer Bee

kyubi (9 tails) host - Naruto

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Q: Who are the only survivors of the tailed beast?
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Did you see 1000 tailed beast?

the provent has 1000 tailed beast.

Which tailed beast is the cat shown in shippuden?

the two-tailed beast

Is tails really a fox?

The nine tailed fox inside Naruto's body is a fox. It's a supernatural creature which comes from Asian folklore like Korea's. It's original name if 구미호(kumiho) which basically means nine tailed fox. There are 10 tailed beast in Naruto world. Only the nine tailed beast is fox other tailed beast resembles different animals like 1 tailed beast is raccon

Who is garaa's tailed beast which is sealed in him?

Ichibi no Shukaku is gaara's tailed beast which is sealed in him

What is the chakra colour of the five-tailed beast?

the color of the five-tailed beast is orange or red

Who has the 8 tailed beast?

Killer Bee has the 8 tailed beast sealed inside him.

How do you synthesis a tailed beast on pockie ninja?

Sorry but you cannot synthesis tailed beast pets the only way to obtain them is threw the tailed beast pots the market or events except 2,8, and 9 are in s-rank tailed beast but to + you have to put three of the same tailed beast in and it goes up by one same with outfits sometimes it wont work so good luck hope it helped find me on s4 notaname not that high of a level almost 80 though

What chapter is 0 tailed beast in?

He is only a tailed beast that was made up to be used in the Naruto Shippuuden Movie 2 : Bonds. He is non canon to the whole storyline so he is not in the manga. Anime Movie Only...Sorry...

Why is Gaara a tailed beast?

He was a tailed beast (shukaku) because his father one of the kazekages somehow created a sand shield to protect his son. Somehow this was actually shukaku, the 1 tailed beast.

What is the 4 tailed beast's host name?

The jinchuuriki for the Yonbi (four-tailed beast) is Rōshi.

In Naruto what does the 5 Tailed Beast Look like?

The 5 tailed beast looks like a dolphin/horse tailed beast. You can find the picture at this website: :D

Is there a ten tailed demon beast?

There was, but the sage of the six path split it into 9 tailed beasts. Now there are only 9 demons featured in naruto - - there is the list for you. No more information on the ten tailed beast, Jubi, is given.