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the nine tailed fox demon is the strongest now, but in manga Madara Uchiha aka Tobi says that all the tailed beasts were once the chakra of the ten tailed beast called juubi.

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The Ten Tails, But The Nine Tails is The Strongest When The Ten Tails Is Not Combined

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Q: Which is the strongest tailed beast?
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What is the strongest tailed beast?


Is the ninetails the strongest tailed beast?

The strongest tailed-beast in the anime series Naruto, is the Nine-Tailed Fox, who currently resides inside Naruto Uzumaki. It's been said many times throughout the course of the series that Kurama (Nine-Tailed Fox) is the strongest tailed beast. He's able to cause tsunamis to appear and flatten mountains with a single swipe from one of his tails. Also, Kurama has stated that each tailed beast's power is determined by the number of tails it has. The nine tailed beasts are all fusions of the Ten-Tailed Beast, but Kurama is the strongest of the nine other tailed-beasts. Gaara's former tailed-beast Shukaku is considered the weakest by Kurama, as he only has one tail.

Who is the strongest jinchuriki in naruto?

It is nine tails or the Kyuubi. However, Madar uchiha said that all the tailed beasts are fragments of the ten tailed beast called as the Juubi. However, till now there has been no physical proof of it.

Which is the second strongest tailed beast in naruto?

The 8-tails, currently inside of Killer Bee.

Did you see 1000 tailed beast?

the provent has 1000 tailed beast.

Which tailed beast is the cat shown in shippuden?

the two-tailed beast

What is the most powerful jutsu?

Definetly the tailed beast bomb and Naruto and the fourth hokage are the strongest ninja along with Madara Uchiha.

What is the most powerful rasengan ever?

it is fuuton:rasenshirunken[wind element:sprailing shirunken] UPDATE: The strongest Rasengan is actually the massive rasenshuriken, or maybe tailed beast ball since they classify rasengan to be developed from the tailed beast ball ( manga spoiler).

Who is garaa's tailed beast which is sealed in him?

Ichibi no Shukaku is gaara's tailed beast which is sealed in him

What is the chakra colour of the five-tailed beast?

the color of the five-tailed beast is orange or red

Who has the 8 tailed beast?

Killer Bee has the 8 tailed beast sealed inside him.

Why is Gaara a tailed beast?

He was a tailed beast (shukaku) because his father one of the kazekages somehow created a sand shield to protect his son. Somehow this was actually shukaku, the 1 tailed beast.