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  • Jovetic - Fiorentina FC 19 - Already a full international for Montenegro with 6 goals in 11 games, and a full season in series A under his belt this kid will be a golden addition to any squad. Hes not going to be cheap but with undoubtedly be well worth £'s when hes banging in the goals.
  • Hernanes - Sao Paulo DM 24 - Brazilian international with all the attributes to be one of the best midfielders in the world, a driven dynamic box to box terrier that is also comfortable with the Hollywood balls. A touch of class that any team would welcome. Again not going to be cheap but will repay you with that rugged doggedness that Macherano and palacios possess and the silky midfield Brazilian flavour of Kaka and one hell of a fierce strike.
  • Muniain - Athletic B AM 16 - New Spanish sensation with all the cheeky trickery of a young Joaquin with direct dribbling that hypnotizes clumsy defenders in. This kid will be a world class and has already played for athletic's first team on numerous occasions and has also nabbed himself a goal.
  • Roque Santa Cruz - He's very hard to sign because he's just joined but he plays outstandingly well.
  • Craig Bellamy - This guy is kinda old but still good. Again, hard to sign but is worth it as he scores most games.
  • Jonas - The Newcastle winger he got 4 hatricks in 10 games for me so buy him
  • Guillermo Ochoa - Mexican goalkeeper valued around £1-2 million at the beginning of the game. Pick him up cheap and you will not regret it, becomes one of the best goalkeepers in the world.
  • Nicolas Otamendi - Defender Centre - 21 year-old Argentinian defender, becomes one of the best players on the game if you train him correctly. Might be slightly tricky to sign at the start of the game as many clubs are chasing after him and he also recently signed a new deal for Velez in the summer, so you might have to spend around 4-8 million to get him. His value will only increase though, and you'll have to pay something in the region of £20 million if he goes to a bigger club.
  • Ritchie Jones - Defensive Midfielder - 22 year-old English midfielder, becomes one of the best players on the game if you train properly. Pretty easy to sign in the game just £80,000 from Hartlepool. His valuation goes to around £425,000 in a year.
  • Kieran Lee - Defender Right/Left/Centre - 21 year-old English defender, very cheap at £85,000 from Oldham. Great potential and could be sold for around £7,000,000.
  • Wayne Hennessey - Goalkeeper - 21 year-old Welsh goalkeeper, train correctly and he'll become the best on the game. Sign from Wolves for £6,750,000.
  • Luke Summerfield - Midfield Centre - 21 year-old English midfielder, sign from Plymouth for £230,000 a real bargain becomes one of the best midfielders in England.
  • Edin Džeko - Center Forward/Striker - 24 year-old best striker in the game
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Q: Who are the best players on Football Manager 2010?
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