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Championship Manager 2010 is a football management simulator. There are no single best tactics as it is a complex game. Consult internet guides to better understand how to play.

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Q: What are the best tactics for Championship Manager 2010?
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What are the best tactics for championship manager 2008?

Miscallenous Tactic is best tactics for cm 08

Who are the best young players to buy on championship manager 2010?


Is trevor hall the best manager ever?

Yes his tactics are the best, we're unbeaten with him

What are the best tactics for Football manager 2009?

put everyone upfront

Who is the best striker on championship manager 0102?

Lazio Crespo.

The Best championship manager 2008 tactics?

i would say probably the 4-3-3 with the mentality put to normal and counter attack being checked. Play Diamond formation if you have team like United with Ronaldo as AM......

Who are the best players on championship manager 2006?

Fernando Torres and petr cech

What is the best tactics on football manager 2008 for the psp?

The Best tactics are:Formation is 3-2-2-2-1Tackling Style is AggresiveMentality is V.attackingpassing style is Mixedattacking style is MixedTempo is FastPressing is All over

Championship Manager 2010 best players?

best player on the game is Wayne ROONEY, but the best young players are pato, dzeko, otamendi, jovetic - turns out as one of the best players on the game but can cost around £18million, also many cska players e.g. their keeper and a young attacking midfielder, i forgot their names :/ sorry, are great players

What is the best rank in team fight tactics?

The best rank in teamfight tactics is challenger.

What is the Best tactics for football manager 2005?

play 4-5-1 with attacking mentalities and when you start losing play 4-4-2 with defensive mentalities.

What is tactical management?

The difference between strategy and tactics is that strategy defines "what" is to be done but tactics defines the "how". Tactical management is the use of tactics to implement strategy. This is different from traditional management in that in traditional management there is usually one procedure (standard operating procedure) for getting any action done whereas tactical management allows the manager to select appropriate tactics for best achieving the objective.