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John Henson, John ANDERSON, jIL wAGNER, AND 2 other characters named "Black and Blue One" and "Black and Blue Two"

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Q: Who are all the special characters on Wipeout Wii?
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How do you unlock the special characters on wipeout the game?

I have it for Wii and the more you play the show, the more people and outfits you can unlock. I can't unlock the last two special characters. Can anyone help? In order to unlock the last 2 characters you have to get all the trophies in challenge mode. My son got all the trophies (including the ballsy trophies) in the easy and challenging and then earned the last 2 characters when he got the bronze, silver and gold medals in the extreme level. The last 2 special characters are called "Black and Blue One" and "Black and Blue Two" one is a boy and two is a girl. They have all speed and all strength.

How do you unlock all characters on wipeout wii?

you just cllick on play the show. a lot of times. every time you complete a match, you unlock a character. though there are two people that i think you get from challenge mode by getting all the ballsy trophies. i hoped this helped you

How do you unlock Black and blue 1 and black and blue 2 on wipeout the game for wii?

You have to beat all challenges in challenge mode and get all the trophys in challenge mode.

How many characters can you unlock in Mario kart wii?

You could get 24 characters in all

How do you unlock the ballsy trophy in wipeout for wii?

it dedends on the level, you usually have to not wipeout at ALL and make it in a certain amount of time. it will also tell you exactly what time you need and how many wipeouts on the challenge mode selection, it is right above your trophies.

Who are the special characters on wipeout the game?

john henson john Anderson and Jill Wagner The last 2 special characters are "black and blue 1" and "black and blue 2". One is a boy and two is a girl. You unlock them when you earn all the trophies in the challenge mode. (Actually you don't need to get the ballsy trophy in the extreme level--they give you the 2 new characters after winning all the trophies except that one). The black and blue characters give you 100% speed and 100% strength.

How do you unlock charaters on Mario Kart wii?

To unlock Characters in Mario Kart Wii you must beat the single player races. When you get a gold trophy in all of the races and a star ranking in all the races you will have all the characters

How do you unlock all the Mario kart wii characters?

I have Mario Kart Wii and played it lots of times. I don't think you could unlock more characters. Or if you could, IDK.

Can you play with 2 characters in super Mario all stars wii?

yes you can

What all characters can you be on Star Wars the Force unleashed for Wii?

Darth Vader

What are all the characters in new Super Mario Brothers Wii?

Playable characters are Mario, Luigi, Yellow Toad, and Blue Toad

Does the Wii remote plus work with all Wii games?

No, wii remote plus games will have special mark on the box that says they are remote plus compatible