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it dedends on the level, you usually have to not wipeout at ALL and make it in a certain amount of time. it will also tell you exactly what time you need and how many wipeouts on the challenge mode selection, it is right above your trophies.

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Q: How do you unlock the ballsy trophy in wipeout for wii?
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How do you unlock all characters on wipeout wii?

you just cllick on play the show. a lot of times. every time you complete a match, you unlock a character. though there are two people that i think you get from challenge mode by getting all the ballsy trophies. i hoped this helped you

How do you unlock karts in Mario Kart wii?

Get gold trophy in grand prixs to unlock karts and characters.

How do you ulock tracks in Mario cart Wii?

To unlock the star cup, get a trophy in the mushroom cup and the flower cup. To unlock the special cup get a trophy in the star cup. To unlock the leaf cup, get a trophy in the shell cup and the banana cup. To unlock the lightning cup, get a trophy in the leaf cup.

How do you unlock the lightning cup on Mario kart wii?

Win the Leaf cup with a trophy (to unlock the Leaf cup, win the Bannana cup and the Shell cup with a trophy)

How do you unlock the last two special characters on wipeout wii?

Play Challenge mode and get a gold medal on the 9th Qualifier Round on Extreme

How do you unlock the Wii cups on Mario kart Wii?

Star cup: get trophies on mushroom cup and flower cup Special cup: get a trophy on star cup Leaf cup:Get trophies on shell cup and banana cup lightning cup: Get a trophy on leaf cup and they don't have to be gold

Can you unlock dry bones?

You can unlock him in both Mario Kart DS and Mario Kart Wii. To unlock him in both games: DS: Get gold trophies in all 50cc Retro Cups. Wii: Get a gold trophy on 100cc Leaf Cup.

How do you unlock charaters on Mario Kart wii?

To unlock Characters in Mario Kart Wii you must beat the single player races. When you get a gold trophy in all of the races and a star ranking in all the races you will have all the characters

How do you unlock lighting cup on Mario kart wii?

get a trophy at the star cup

How do you unlock Black and blue 1 and black and blue 2 on wipeout the game for wii?

You have to beat all challenges in challenge mode and get all the trophys in challenge mode.

How do you unlock cups in Mario Kart wii?

You can only unlock four cups: Star and Special Cups in Wii Grand Prix and Leaf and Lightning Cups in Retro Grand Prix. the following telles you how to unlock them. Star Cup-Get a trophy in both Mushroom and Flower Cups (any class) Special Cup-Get a trophy in the Star Cup (any class) Leaf Cup-Get a trophy in both Shell and Banana Cups (any class) Lightning Cup-Get a trophy in the Leaf Cup (any class)

How do you unlock Shadow in Super Smash Bros Wii?

Shadow in not a playable character in Super Smash Bros Brawl; he is only an assist trophy.