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The Joker is the foil for all other characters in the Dark Knight. He forces all characters to develop and become better or worse because of him. Batman is also a foil for the Joker.

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Q: What characters in the Dark Knight foil another character in The Dark Knight?
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Is the dark knight real?

No it is a made up character

Could there be another Batman movie after dark knight?

Yes, there will be. It will be called 'The Dark Knight Rises'.

Will deathstroke be in dark knight rises?

Deathstroke will probably not appear in The Dark Knight Rises, but he would be a great character in upcoming movies.

What are some words to describe Superman?

Foreword: Some of these descriptive words are spoken by Commissioner Jim Gordon is The Dark Knight. A silent guardian, a watchful protector, a dark knight, incorruptible,

Is there going to be another Batman movie dark knight rises 2012?

They say "The dark knight rises" will be the final movie

Was Doug Hutchison in The Dark Knight?

No, he was not in The Dark Knight. He was in another Batman film however, Batman & Robin, in the role of Golum.

How do you become a dark knight in final fantasy 3?

As you level up in other jobs and with your character, you will unlock the Dark Knight job class. Signed, Phoenix

Who is the dark night?

I think you mean the Dark Knight. If so, the Dark Knight is a superhero from the comic book series Batman created by DC Comics. The main character of which is Batman a.k.a. The Caped Crusader, a.k.a. The Dark Knight. For more information on The Dark Knight visit:

Is the Joker in Batman 3?

No- Heath Ledger passed away after filming for "The Dark Knight" was completed and Christopher Nolan does not want his character played by another actor.

How does the dark knight relate to The Iliad?

I see no relation between any of the characters of the Illiad and the characters of the dark knight. I also see no relation between the movie the dark knight and the book the illiad. But I do see one relationship. They are both a depiction of certain events. We can be sure the events of the dark knight did not happen. But the events of the illiad could have happened. At least the part of a bunch of Greeks taking over a town in the region called Illium.

What happen to joker in the dark knight?

there is still another movie

How do characters with dark pasts like criminals assassins and psychopaths increase the suspense of a story?

Characters with dark pasts increase the suspense of the story because you don't know if their past will come back to haunt them. These characters could possibly hurt another character leading you to wonder when and where it will happen.