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Twilight CastThe warewolf is Elena, the vampire is Karishma Krishna , Cassandra is the hot girl and Jekyra is cool

For a full list of credits, please go to the related link.

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This is a general character list for the Twilight Saga (based on books)

Cullens: Carlisle, Esme, Edward, Bella, Reneseme, Rosalie (Hale), Emmett, Alice, Jasper (Hale, "twin" if Rosalie.)

Shifters (Wolves): Jacob Black, Sam Uley, Seth Clearwater, Leah Clearwater, Quil Ateara, Embry Call, Paul, Jared, Brady, Collin,

Volturi: Aro, Caius, Marcus, Sulipicia (Aro's wife), Athenodora (Caius's wife), Didyme (Marcus's wife)

Volturi Guard: Jane, Demetri, Felix, Alec, Chelsea, Afton, Corin, Heidi, Renata, Santiago

Amazon Coven: Kachiri, Senna, Zafrina

Denali Coven: Eleazar, Carmen, Irina ~Laurent~, Kate, Sasha, Tanya, Vasilii

Egyptian Coven: Amun, Kebi, Benjamin, Tia

Irish Coven: Siobhan, Liam, Maggie

Romanian Coven: Stefan, Vladimir

American Nomads (Partial): Garrett, James, Victoria, Mary, Peter, Charlotte, Randall, Riley, Bree

European Nomads (Partial): Alistair, Charles, Makenna

Humans (Bella's human life): Charlie Swan, Mike Newton, Phil Dwyer, Renee Dwyer, Jessica Stanley, Angela Weber, Ben Cheney, Eric Yorkie, Lauren Mallory, Billy Black, Sue Clearwater, Harry Clearwater, Tyler Crowley, J. Jenks, Max, Rachel Black, Rebecca Black, Gianna

Characters from Cullen's past's: Cynthia(Alice's sister), Royce(Rosalie's fiancee), Maria, Lucy, Nettie(vampires who changed Jasper)

Girls Imprinted On: Kim(Jared), Claire(Quil), Emily(Sam), Renesmee(Jacob)

Half-Bred Vampires/Creators/Caregivers: Nahuel, Huilen, Pire, Joham,

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Q: Who are all the characters in Twilight?
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