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Simon and Piggy and the captain are the only people who had died in the movie. The captain was the first to die, he died when he attacked a little boy in a cave and scared him, the little boy then stabbed the captain and he died over a period of time. Simon is the second one to die, he died when he went looking for a supposive monster and found out it was just the captain, he ran towards the beach where the hunters were having their feast, the hunters confused him as the supposive monster and they stabbed to death. Piggy was the last to die, he died when he and Ralph went to try to talk some sense into the hunters to try to get them to help them get rescued, and another little boy who was on top of a cliff pushed a big boulder off the cliff and it hit Piggy on the head and he died.

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Piggy and Simon die. Piggy is crushed by a rock and Simon is attacked by the boys while they are delirious.

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Q: Who all dies in Lord of the Flies?
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Who dies in chapter 9 in lord of the flies?

Simon dies.

What is a physical representation of Ralph from Lord of the Flies?

Dumbledore dies

What is the name of the kid that dies in the fire in the lord of the flies?

The character who dies in the fire in "Lord of the Flies" is Piggy. He is killed when Roger pushes a boulder onto him, causing him to fall off a cliff and into the ocean.

Who all dies in chapter 9 of Lord of the Flies?

In Chapter 9 of "Lord of the Flies," Simon is killed by the other boys during a frenzied dance. It is a tragic moment where the boys mistake him for the beast due to their paranoia and fear.

How does the little boy with the birthmark describe the snake in lord of the flies?

he dies in a fire.

Does piggy die at the end or the beginning of lord of the flies?

Piggy dies near the end of the book.

How many people cried at lord of the flies?

I did. I cried when piggy died, and when Simon dies. my friend who sits next to me did too.

What did they use as money in Lord of the Flies?

They didn't use money in Lord of The Flies. They lost almost all sense of civilization.

Who are the flies from Lord of the Flies?

They are all the very little kids on the island. They range from about 5-8. They do not tell us any of their names, the book just refers to them as littiuns. The only specific littliun that we know of is the boy with the mark on his face who dies early on.

Who has the conch in Lord of the Flies?

Piggy sees it, Ralph gets it, then it is passed around while people talk, and then Piggy is holding it when he dies

When was Lord Edgware Dies created?

Lord Edgware Dies was created in 1933-09.

How many pages does Lord Edgware Dies have?

Lord Edgware Dies has 256 pages.