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Percival repeats his name all the time in Lord of the Flies because it is the only thing that he has to remind himself of who he is and from where he came. It is his only tie to humanity.

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Q: Why does percival repeat his name and address all the time in lord of the flies?
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What was Percival's name and address in lord of the flies?

Direct quote: "Percival Wemys Madison. The Vicarage, Harcourt St. Anthony, Hants, telephone, telephone, tele-"

Who couldn't remember their name in Lord of the Flies?

In the last chapter of Lord of the Flies, a French officer asks Percival his name, but Percival can't remember it.

What did Percival forget?

In the novel "Lord of the Flies," Percival forgets his own name. This occurs in the twelfth chapter of the book.

In Lord of the Flies - who chants his address over and over?

The littlun Percival Wemys Madison repeats his name and address a number of times. He has obviously been taught to do this so that, in the event that should he ever become lost, he can be safely returned home. Unfortunately for Percival he is lost in a location from which he can't be returned home. Ironically when rescue finally arrives, in the form of the naval officer, Percival is so traumatised that he can no longer remember any of the information he has been taught to repeat.

Who worries that the other boys will think he is insane in lord of the flies?


Who forgets his telephone number in Lord of the Flies?

Percival Wemys Madison.

Who worries that the other boys will think that he is insane in lord of the flies?


In lord of the flies what small boy was concerned and afraid of something he saw?


Who are he characters in Lord of the Flies?

*Ralph *Jack *Sam & Eric *Roger *Piggy *Simon *Percival *Bill

What is the name of the boy who is always whining and crying in the shelter at night and during the day in Lord of the Flies?


Which three little'uns are playing on the beach as chapter 4 opens in Lord of the Flies?

Percival, Henry and Johnnie.

Where does percival say the beast comes from in lord of the flies in chapter 5?

He says in comes out of the ocean at night. :P