Which wwf came first

Updated: 4/28/2022
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the stupid hippie one.

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Q: Which wwf came first
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Who was the first Indian wresteler in wwf?

There was no Indian wrestler in WWF.The first Indian wrestler is the great khali who came in WWE in 2006.

When was WWE first introduced?

the name WWE came in 2002, because WWF was copyrighted by the World Wildlife Foundation

Who was the female wrestler who came out with Kane in the wwf?


What year did Kane come to wwf?

Kane first came to the WWF in 1993He made an appearance with the WWF in the Survivor Series 1993 where he wrestled under the name Black Knight. Later he re-introduced as Dr Isaac Yankem DDS, Jerry Lawler's private dentist.

What year did the first wwf game come out?

I am not sure on the date but the first game was WWF Wrestlemania.

What was the name of the WWF show that came on Sunday morning in the late 90s not referring to Sunday Night Heat?

WWF Superstars.

How heavy was Yokozuna when he first entered WWF and when he left?

Yokozuna Was 285 Pounds When He first enterd WWF and 580 when he left!! :)

Who came first to WWE Shawn micheals or undertaker?

The Undertaker debuted in WWF (WWE) in 1990 whilst Shawn Michaels debuted in October 1987. So Shawn Michaels joined first.

What was Jeff Hardy's first title?

In WWF, it was the WWF Tag championship but overall it was the New Frontier Championship in OMEGA

What year did WWF first appear on TV?

wwwf then known as wwf now known as the wwe Save

When was the first steel wage match in WWF?

it was in 1956

What was the name of the first WWE magazine?

wwf magazine