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Seth is the werewolf that feels comforetable around the cullens and other vampires. Jacob is starting to warm up to them because who he thought was his love, bella, was turned into a vampire and his real love, renesmee, who he ended up imprinting on, is half vampire and half human.

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Q: Which werewolf liked the Cullens?
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Does charlie find out the Cullens scerte?

No, but he finds out that Jacob's a werewolf

Are Jacobs pack better than the Cullens?

No. The cullens are way better and powerful than the wolf pack. Just one bite on a werewolf from a vampire can kill the wolf.

In breaking dawn does the cullens secret get found out from charlie?

WELL......................................... no charlie never does find out but he does know Jacob is a werewolf

Did Bella tellanyone that the Cullens were vampires?

No. She never did. The only time she shared that with anyone was when Jacob became a werewolf and told her he believed the the legends.

What was Edward Cullens dogs name?

he has no dog but he says that Jacob black who is the werewolf is a dog

Does all the cullens hales always get along with Bella Swan?

no rosalie couldn't stand Bella for the first three books and only liked her after renesmee.

Do the vampires kill Jacob in eclipse?

No, Edward kills Victoria after they fight. Jacob and the other wolves do help the Cullens attack the other newborn vampire army that Victoria raised.

Who betrays the Cullens?

In the Twilight series, the character who betrays the Cullens is Bella's friend, Jacob Black, when he reveals the Cullens' secret of being vampires to the Volturi in an attempt to protect Bella and her daughter, Renesmee.

Why did Michael Jackson want to be a werewolf in thriller?

Because he liked horror movies! and john landis film about werewolves really inspired him to do the video.

What causes Jacob to turn into a werewolf?

It's because the Cullens are living in Forks. He wouldn't have turned into a vampire if there weren't vampires living nearby. He isn't a werewolf in Twilight because he isn't old enough yet, but he is in New Moon.

What do the cullens bracelets mean?

The only bracelet I know of is Bella's. The werewolf stands for Jacob's love and the crystal heart stands for Edward's cold non beating heart that he gave her, aka his never ending love!!!

How many cullens are there at the ensd?

9 cullens