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It's because the Cullens are living in Forks. He wouldn't have turned into a vampire if there weren't vampires living nearby. He isn't a werewolf in Twilight because he isn't old enough yet, but he is in New Moon.

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When a Human is in danger, it triggers a gene Jacob possesses - making him transform into a Wolf.

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Q: What causes Jacob to turn into a werewolf?
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In Twilight what does Jacob turn into?

Jacob is a werewolf. Technically, he does not become a werewolf until the second novel, New Moon, and he remains a werewolf for the rest of the series.

What does Jacob turn into in New Moon?

A werewolf.

What does Jacob black in twilight turn into?

A werewolf, I think...

Does Jacob black turn into a vampire?

Yes Jacob Black turns into a werewolf in New Moon. No. He'a a WEREWOLF. vampire venom would be poisonous to him.

Who was third to turn into a werewolf in twilight?

In the Twilight series, the third character to turn into a werewolf is Leah Clearwater. She transforms into a werewolf after her brother Seth and Jacob.

What is Jacob's destiny in new moon?

Jacob has to turn into a wolf. Not a werewolf because werewolfs can only turn during a full moon.

Is Jacob in twilight a werewolf?

No. He doesn't turn until New Moon.

In twilight what is Jacob?

Jacob in twilight isn't actually a werewolf he is a shape shifter as he doesn't posses all of the features of a werewolf because a werewolf bites people to turn them into werewolfs (their real name is children of the moon).Whereas Jacob was born into what he is but his family have stuck to just changing into werewolfes.

Why does Jacob turn into a werewolf?

because its in his blood to turn wolf he doesnt hav a choice so sad...

What power does Jacob Black have?

The power to turn into a werewolf and back to a human, called phasing.

Is Jacob Black a shapeshifter?

Yes, he is, that is the correct term, but some also say Werewolf, but to be realistic, he is not a werewolf because they only turn into wolves at the full moon, Jacob can do it whenever he pleases, therefore he is a shape shifter.

Does Taylor Lautner turn out to be a werewolf in New Moon?

yes, he does. In the book, he does, and in the movie also. Go Jacob! ;)