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x factor as solo artists

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Q: Which tv show did one direction first appear on?
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What nickeloden show did one direction appear on?


What nickelodeon show did one direction recently appear on in the states?


Where did One Direction first appear?

They first appeared on X Factor back in 2010!

When a ball falls does it appear to fall in what direction?

One Direction.

What was one direction first live show?

it was on the x-factor... everybody knows that

What song did one direction performe on the first live show?

What Makes You Beautiful

Where can you listen to the full version of One Direction's first single 'What Makes You Beautiful'?

Go to YouTube and search 'One Direction VEVO' and on their official music account, it should appear there

What show was One Direction made?

One direction was formed in the show X-factor. First Harry, Louis, Liam, Zayn, and Niall had to audition and sing a song. From there on, they all passed and they were formed.

What song did One direction sing on their first live show?

you got that 1 thing

What cleavage is talc?

Perfect in one direction but often does not show.

Where did one direction first perform what makes you beautiful?

On a TV show called Red & Black :)

Who did one direction meet for the first time at the royal variety show?

the queen of britian my heart to you